Posted by: stevealbers | July 15, 2008

Numero Uno – Welcome to My World

Hello there!

I figure the first post should be a place to explain a little more about me (if you don’t know me already) and lay a little groundwork for future posts. Social Media, Marketing, Music, random things that make me (and hopefully you) laugh will all be covered here. As you’ll quickly assess, I need some help here… so if you know of ways to improve this blog, I am all ears.

This isn’t my first foray into blogging. I have been keeping a myspace blog in my profile for the past 3-4 years. I have let it slip recently, partly because I’ve been debating about setting the new blog up and haven’t been too proactive in setting it up. I am thinking of continuing that blog as well, but keeping that to more personal items… but then again having two blogs might be a bit of a reach for me.

Here is where I could use some help! Do you have multiple blogs? I understand the need to keep professional and personal lives separate, but I’m not really figuring this will get too large. Plus, the idea of you getting to know more about my personal life might help acclimate you to me, and my personality.

Topics(in further detail):

Social Media: IT fascinates me as it is the leading edge of “new” communication. The interactions that take place on personal, business and other levels is something I want to learn more about (and get better at). There are a ton of applications and services that help, such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Plurk, Friendfeed, Flickr, and on and on… I am hoping that by researching and learning more about the new possibilities of connecting, I’ll be able to use that in my current job. During my initial foray into Social Media, I have found quite a few sources I’ve learned a lot from: Chris Brogan, Mack Collier, Jason Falls, Darren Rowse, etc.  but there is always more to learn and people to converse with!

Marketing: My background (experience and education) has always been all about marketing. From my freshman year in high school, I knew that I wanted to work in advertising. The creative element really was to my liking and something that I thought I could excel at. I’m still in a marketing-related position, and the Web 2.0 marketing possibilities also really intrigue me.

Music: While I play zero instruments and sing like a day 1 reject from American Idol, I have really grown to love music and finding new bands to listen to. My tastes are across the board from rock to rap to country to “oldies”… I like it all. As I grow into my new space here, I’ll probably lean on the music side of things to get me rolling. Feel free to send me info on bands that you’re into, because it’s a great way to make a connection with new friends.

Things you can expect from reading my blog on a regular basis:

-Both subtle, and overt, attempts at making you laugh… and if I’m lucky, make you think a little too.

-Over-excessive use of “…”, “so”, and other tic’s that I haven’t quite self-realized at this point.

-Pop Culture references – Face it, they make the years of watching tv, movies and listening to music have some merit.

Will this be the best blog in the world, or even my street? Probably not, but I’ll continue to try to get better. I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs on all of the above topics, and I’ve learned quite a bit so far… now if I can just fit somewhere in the big puzzle.

About me:

Born and raised in small-town Iowa, and recently celebrated my first year living in California. Have worked in higher education marketing for most of my adult career life, but now have taken a slightly different tangent. I’m now doing Physician Relations work for Accenx, a healthcare technology company in Orange County.

My parents, sister, her husband, and two nephews still live back in Holstein, Iowa. My brother lives out here in California, and was a big factor in me moving out here. Most of my extended family is either in Iowa, or the Midwest… so I definitely have ties back to the heartland of America.

Overall, I’m glad you’ve read this far on my initial post. I hope you stick around and see where this ends up. I also hope you’ll contribute with comments, suggestions, etc. to make this blog better and something I can take pride in. Thanks, and there’s more to come…



  1. Hey steve! chris brogan sent me here via twitter. i have 2 sites myself. one is for work/business and the other is more of a personal nature.

    best wishes on your blog!


    (i’m learning more about this ‘space’ as well!)

  2. Hey Steve this is Jenny Pallesen (Fry’s sister-in-law) I just heard about your move to CA, Congratulations! How are things going so far? I have no idea about blogs just seeing what you are up to.

  3. Hi Jenny! Good to hear from you. Things are going great so far… plus the winters are slightly better than in Iowa!

    How are things with you?

  4. Things got pretty crazy after the flood at work but is starting to work itself out. I met another Galva-Holstein alum (now I know 3!) a really nice kid. I don’t think he believed that I not only knew where Holstein was but that I knew people from Holstein. Just keeping people on their toes:) Also I am so jealous that you are going to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! I have been a fan forever and need to see him in concert before they stop touring.
    Did you have problems after/during the earthquake?

  5. Tried to log on as a friend but apparently I am not cool enough to log on):

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