Posted by: stevealbers | August 5, 2008

Don’t Make Me Turn this Car Around

aussiegall -

Courtesy: aussiegall -

So it is early out of the gates and already I’ve come off of the tracks!

It has been a week or two since my last entry, and I know that is a huge no-no in the blogging world. It is not for lack of content (I have plenty of randomness that will be great fodder for some time to come!), but more a lack of time and energy. This is a pretty sorry excuse and am going to remedy the situation asap.

I did have a week-long trip in Boston for the World Congress Leadership Summit on “The Road to Interoperability.” Most of my time was spent in the hotel, either sitting in a lecture room or sleeping. I did make it out a couple of times to see some sights, but not enough to say that I “saw” Boston.

Work is also starting to really gear up. I’ll find out more later this week about the near future travel, workload, etc.

I’ve got a couple of entries that I’m working on now, so be sure to stop back later this week!

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  1. Enjoyed, shall I say, “stumbling” across your latest blog entry. And we all know about your randomness, but it is time to make it present already! Quit lagging Albers!

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