Posted by: stevealbers | September 17, 2008

Procrastination, Perception and Promotion

Not all blame can be put on TiVo!

It will take more than my two hands to count all of the projects that I’ve started but not completed. Projects ranging from: learning HTML, guitar lessons, reading/writing Spanish, making heads/tails of the Adobe suite… and posting to this blog (there are many more minor projects, but I won’t: a) bore you with the details, and b) make myself looking any more listless).

The good thing is that many of the projects are for self-betterment. The bad part is that having small knowledge in many areas really doesn’t serve a purpose. I can show you how to properly hold a guitar, but not show you how to play it… I can show you how to use html to bold, italicize, start a new paragraph, but that’s about as far as I can go… and so on.  So I feel like I’m on the right path, but just need to stick with it.

How about you?

Projects or tasks that seem to be on your radar forever… but never seem to move? How do you deal with it?

I think/hope that realization is the first step (“Hi, my name is Steve… and I have a problem”). Unfortunately, I don’t think that it is enough though. Otherwise, I’ll put off taking care of other things I’ve already put off… and that doesn’t seem like it will accomplish anything!

I’m planning on writing down everything that I would like to do, and categorize them into two lists: “Stevie 2.0” and “Bologna Sandwich”.

Stevie 2.0 = Things I want to learn to make myself bigger, stronger, faster. (I thought Stevie Vista might cause confusion and slow things down).

Bologna Sandwich = Regular, mundane stuff… creating a budget, read more, work around the house, gym schedule, etc.

Once I’ve completed a short-term list(Stevie 2.0 anyway), I’ll update this post… feel free to add yours in the comments as well. Once it is out in broad daylight, I think that there might be a little more dedication to get it done!

The last question is: “Why?”  Why do any of these things? Well… while I’ve been out of college for 10 years now (gasp!), I still enjoy learning new things. I couldn’t imagine just going through life thinking that I’ve got it all figured out and can’t learn anything to better myself. Another reason is promotion… maybe down the line learning a skill (computer-related, language, etc.) might be beneficial in my work life.  Better to have the skills ahead of time, especially if you enjoy doing it in the first place, than be behind the curve later on.

What say you? Tips, stories, lists are all welcome.

ps- Don’t ever call me “Stevie” 🙂



  1. Hey Stevie! guitar lessons? Rock on!!!!

  2. As I was saying, before the computer @ the Uni booted me off, and in between helping a girl sitting adjacent to me find how to insert page #s in the new WORD, I hope that Im doing my best in setting a good example as someone who spends a lot of time around you. Here’s to hoping I’m your “MUSE” and if not, that’s okay to! Use that MoleSkin!

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