Posted by: stevealbers | October 29, 2008

Meet & Greet

Knowing that I have only a few people check out this blog from time-to-time, I wanted to provide a little more information about myself. Doing so, I hope that you find out more about me… and it helps to put a little “personability” into the blog.

Therefore next week will be “Get to know Steve week” (or GTKSW) 🙂 Each day next week will provide different information about me, my interests and maybe a little insight on what to expect from my blog. Personally, I’m hoping that posting seven days in a row will help me get into a better posting pattern.

Next week’s topics:

  1. Music blogs I follow
  2. Non-music blogs I follow
  3. Twitter
  4. Other social media sites
  5. “Inside my bookmarks”
  6. Online music stations
  7. The Three Guns

I’m not sure of the order that they’ll be in, or if all of the topics will make it to the final cut, but this is what I came up with on short notice. There should be good information for you in each section, depending on what you are into.

Suggestions for different topics are welcome as well!



  1. Why don’t you just start with come simple Java Script or CSS?

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