Posted by: stevealbers | November 25, 2008

Day Two – Twitter


For some the word “Twitter” might not mean much… for others it might mean “that thing that has consumed most my time online.” This blog entry will be geared more for the people in the former group, versus the latter.

What is Twitter?

In a nutshell, it is micro-blogging. Do you use Facebook/Myspace? Are you always updating your status? Well, Twitter is similar to that. People use Twitter for a variety of uses… let people know what they’re doing, where they’re at, what they like, etc. but most importantly it is for sharing information.

“Twitter in Plain English” is a YouTube clip put together by CommonCraft. While it is already 10 months old, and has over 400K views… it still gives you a very easy interpretation of what Twitter is/does. Check it out:

Right now there are a lot of Social Media, Public Relations and Marketing people on Twitter (yes, I know that those three groups overlap!). More and more businesses are getting involved as well as musicians, politicians and entertainment folk.  There are a lot of links being passed around… ranging from tools to make your life/job easier, information regarding industry/business, breaking news and so on…

Still interested? Wondering if you should try it out?  The answer is: YES!  First of all, it is free. Therefore, if you don’t keep up with it, find it’s not to your liking, etc. you are out about 5 minutes (the max it will take you to sign up).

How do I get started?

  • Go to
  • Register your username
  • Log-In
  • Start looking/playing around
  • “Follow” people that are interesting to you.
  • Update your status! Share information!

A few good people that you can start following:

Another good tip is to use Twitter Search (formerly known as Summize). Search by things that are interesting to you… whether it’s Mad Men, Sigur Ros, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, or The Karate Kid, chances are someone on Twitter is talking about it.

The one good thing about Twitter too is that people are helping others out to make it easier, better and more robust. I’ve had numerous “tweets” (as individual posts are called) about different Twitter Tips and different applications that make life easier for you. (TweetDeck is one of those… but don’t worry about that right now)

There are many blogs out there that have devoted time and space to Twitter-related information. Instead of bombarding you with many more links… I’ll leave you with one. This post is from Chris Brogan and ruminates on “If I Started Today” Very insightful!

Hopefully this will help you as you step into the shallow end of the Twitter-pool… but eagerly eyeing the deep end and how exciting it will be when you get there.

Let me know your Twitter profile and I’ll be sure to follow you. For veteran Twitterers, feel free to post some of your best tips! I’m planning on revisiting the topic, with more information… but I figure the above is a good start!


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