Posted by: stevealbers | December 11, 2008

Day 3 – The Three Guns

3gunslogo The Three Guns History

A couple of years ago I had a bright idea. Since bright ideas usually don’t come around my neighborhood that often, I thought I’d act on it. Have you ever played intramurals, been on a softball team, etc.? If so, chances are you have a t-shirt with some sort of text, logo, or both on the front, along with a number and your name (or nickname) on the back. This is where the idea started.

Where did the “The Century Club” part come from? Not wanting to get into three digit numbers… there are 100 possibilities(00-99) to have on the back of shirt. Having such a nice round number, there needed to be a catchy name for The Three Guns team/club/group/etc.

Going back to college years, high school days or maybe just last Tuesday, you might have partaken in some party shenanigans called “The Century Club.” If you haven’t heard of this “club” before, I’ll let you exercise your Google-muscles and find out for yourself.

So one might ask… “What do these fine garments look like?”  To that I would reply:


The Three Guns name came from the fact that there were three initial investors… and we thought it had a nice ring to it (and couldn’t agree on anything else). It is not as exciting of a story, but not everything in real-life is Entourage-esque.

Having the shirt color, design and numbering system decided, it left us with one major obstacle… names. If we were to wait and try to sell all 100 shirts and ask everyone what name they wanted on the back, we still would be waiting to print them! Instead, we decided that we’ll designate names for each of the shirts. All three of us thought up different nicknames that would be good for the back of such an awesome shirt. You might think it would be hard… but we actually have about 20 names in reserve.

With all of the pieces in place, it was time to sell these bad boys. Club members only see the numbers available that correspond with each of the sizes. You do not know the nickname on your shirt until you buy it. While all names are pretty-p.c., and not vulgar, you still have the chance of pulling a name that might make people laugh. Muffin, Gem, Knuckles, Queen-Pin and Diablo might be a perfect match, or something completely opposite of your personality (or gender). FYI – I drew “Gem” so you know that it is completely random!

We also have plans to create a new Century Club shirt… new colors, new design, same great names! They will be first offered to current members, but if they decline the number will be released back into the wild.

I created an elementary website, which was made using Go Daddy software. Although, there are plans in place to revamp it soon! Check it out now… so you can say how much better the new one is. We are also on Myspace and have a new group on Facebook.

So there it is… my stalled side business in all its glory. I’m planning on picking the torch back up and be off and running in 2009. There are still numbers available… so let me know if you’d like to participate! If you mention this blog, we’ll send it out for FREE!


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  1. What a cool idea! I want in! What numbers/sizes are available?

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