Posted by: stevealbers | February 3, 2009

2009… Here I come!

Resolutions for the New Year

While most people have their resolutions ready to go on Jan. 1st… I have had mine in place, but just not down in print. Below, I give you “Steve’s 5 Resolutions for ’09”.

1. Posting 100 blog entries in 2009.

For some bloggers, 100 entries will be made before the calendar hits March. For me, getting into the routine of things and posting consistently is something I want to focus on. 100 over the entire year (minus January!) shouldn’t be an impossible task. I am planning on posting more music news/reviews, social media info and personal information. Now that you know my plan, you can judge your RSS feed to here accordingly! 🙂

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2. Losing weight, becoming more healthy.
This resolution is probably on 86% of people’s list… and I need to focus on this as well. Over the past several months I have slipped out of my workout routine and have gained some additional weight. I am planning on losing 30lbs by Memorial Day. While 30 lbs might sound like a lot, it is actually only about 10-15 lbs. less than my normal weight. Being 6’3”-6’4” allows me to carry the excessive weight without seeming too noticeable… but I still do notice! Hitting the gym 4-5 times per week and watching what I eat (two foundations of every diet) will be the recipe for success.

3. Learn Something New
I believe I do learn something new everyday… but this is a little larger than a random fact or process. Learning something new to me entails: a new computer program (HTML and Photoshop), reacquainting myself with the Spanish language, or something that will benefit me on a larger scale.

4. Read 25 books.
While traveling for work, I caught the reading bug again. On a recent flight to Tampa and back, I read “The Road” on the way out and “Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs” on the return flight. 25 shouldn’t be too hard of a goal considering it averages out to 2 per month. I will keep a running tab on here as to the books I’m reading/have read.

5. Reduce credit card expense by 75%.
The average U.S. household carries a balance around $8000 on their credit cards. While I am a member of this group of over-spenders(not quite to the U.S. average)… I vow to reduce my debt load by 75%. Cutting back on certain expenses (eating out, cd’s, clothes, etc.) will help to provide the means to cut back the debt.>

“How about you? Do you make resolutions every year? Still keeping them after one month?


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