Posted by: stevealbers | March 25, 2009

Three on the tree (3/25/09)

I started sharing music/bands that I am listening to back in the myspace blog days… but wanted to continue the tradition. I usually sent the recommendations out in 3’s, so therefore named the posts “Three on the Tree.” Three on the tree is a slang term for a manual transmission shifting system that had the lever on the steering column (“tree”) vs. on the floor. A friend of mine had an old Dodge pickup that had this “feature” and it has stuck with me.

Today’s (3/25/09) Three on the Tree

1) Muzzle of Bees posted a new Felice Brothers song “Run Chicken Run” It’s very good to hear new stuff coming from this band!

2) Captain Obvious shared a couple of new tracks from Great Lake Swimmers. They’ve become a down-time favorite over the past couple years.

3) A while back (Dec. 08) IndieMuse introduced me to The Welcome Wagon. Definitely check out Sold! To the Nice Rich Man

Let me know what you think… or if you have any recommendations!


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