Posted by: stevealbers | June 3, 2010

4th of July in Iowa

Storm Lake, IA at dusk


I haven’t made the trip back to the 712 since Christmas, so Mariam and I will be on our way there in less than a month.  With both of our busy schedules, it made sense to use the long holiday weekend to make the voyage. I know it’s a busy weekend, but look at the schedule below and let me know if you’ll be around to meet up for a quick chat, a beer, or several beers.

We’ll be flying into Omaha late Friday night (July 2nd), and then driving up to Holstein. I was hoping to have enough time to swing by Miles for a quick Charlie-Boy, but looks like that may not be in the cards that night.

On Saturday, we’ll be heading up to Lawton to see the grandparents in the morning and then maybe making the trip to Storm Lake for a bit to check in with that crew. Saturday night looks to be spent in Holstein… maybe having people over to the parents, or meeting up-town.

Sunday (July 4th) Mariam and I will be driving over to Waverly to see Jenny, Scott and the boys (including the new nephew!). Not sure what else will be happening over there, but I’m sure some good quality family time can be expected.

Monday: Our flight leaves in the afternoon, so we’ll be making the trek from Waverly to Omaha… also stopping through Des Moines on the way.

In order to get ready to the big weekend, I’m getting back on track with the weight loss. I participated in a competition last fall and lost 20-25 lbs.  Through the holiday season and continuing on, I’ve pretty much gained it all back.  I’ll be posting more on the new diet and some of the specifics in a soon-to-come post (hopefully tomorrow).

Again, let me know if you’ll be in the area over the holiday weekend… I’ll do my best to get around to see you… but can’t promise anything yet 🙂


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