Posted by: stevealbers | June 8, 2010

Amazon Links in Posts

As a full disclaimer: I would like everyone to know that the Amazon links in a couple of recent posts are directly tied to my Associates account.

Basically, it means that if you click on the link and purchase that item, I would get a very small cut (4.0%). So if you downloaded Bloodbuzz Ohio (from The National blog entry), I would gain $0.04. Not retirement type money, but figured it was worth a shot.

At the same time, this in no way means I’ll start linking to complete crap, just to “make” more money. I only want to be transparent in the “behind the curtains” activity.

Other notes:
-If you download music, I highly suggest using Amazon. Albums are much cheaper, and they have regular (including daily) sales. I haven’t downloaded anything from iTunes in quite some time. Another benefit is that using their downloader will automatically drop that music into iTunes for you… so that isn’t a concern.
-Setting up an Amazon Associates account is free, and worth looking into for your own blog.
-Using blogs they do not allow the cool-looking links, so I have to reconfigure them to even show up on my page.
-The above point has lead me to look at hosting for my blog. I’d like to be able to post tracks that you can listen right on the blog, without having to send you to 18 different websites. This costs money, and until I post with more frequency… it may not happen soon 🙂

As always, feel free to comment. It’s always good to hear from readers, even if it is a two-word response.



  1. Hi Steve! Just wanted to say hello… and that I have secretly been blog-stalking you! 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying your music recommendations though! And will definitely check out amazon for some music selections…. Good luck with it!

    • Hi Melody! Thanks for stopping by… I’ve also checked your blog out a few times too (Thanks to the link on my sister’s blog) 🙂

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