Posted by: stevealbers | October 18, 2010

Jonsi in Concert (Wiltern – Los Angeles – 10/17/10)

Went to the Wiltern last night, with Mariam, to see Jonsi (lead singer of Sigur Ros). If you’re not familiar with his music, it’s pretty difficult to describe. Being a big fan of Sigur Ros I was looking forward to the show, and to see if the complex sound could be pulled off in a live format.

Needless to say, the show didn’t disappoint. The mesmerizing combo of music and imagery were incredible. He had a backdrop that served as a projector screen to enhance the power of the music.

The concert reminded me of a Tool show, not that they have a similar sound, but in that it’s not just an audial experience.

Right before leaving for the show, I read that KCRW was going to simulcast the event. They loaded the show and have it available for a few days (I haven’t seen it yet). I’m not sure if the video can come close to showing what it was like to be there in person, but it’d still be a good watch for those that like the music.

*definitely worth a watch (or at least a listen)


  1. stars in still water
  2. hengilás
  3. icicle sleeves
  4. kolniður
  5. tornado
  6. sinking friendships
  7. saint naive
  8. go do
  9. boy lilikoi
  10. animal arithmetic
  11. new piano song
  12. around us
  13. sticks and stones
  14. grow till tall

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