Posted by: stevealbers | December 1, 2010

Update #3

So… as you can see, I’m not really working on this project in earnest anymore. A couple things like: a) getting engaged & b) moving to a different apartment has “slightly” hindered my free time.  This is absent of including my 50ish hours spent working every week too (gotta pay the bills yo!).

Anyway, here is the latest:

This will probably be the last update on them for awhile… as they’re currently in a storage unit (an un-named location somewhere in Long Beach).  Overall, they’re looking pretty good. The paint looks amateur, but then again so is the painter 🙂  I have looked into Hawkeye decals on eBay, but haven’t purchased any yet.  I still need to do some touch-up painting and put a coat or two of poly down too.

Not bad for a two-bit, half-time semi-woodworker. Bright side = I got to purchase a couple new tools for the project. Less Bright side = they’re in storage next to the boards!


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