Posted by: stevealbers | January 21, 2011

Three on the Tree v2.0

On my old Myspace blog, I had a recurring post called “Three on the Tree” where I’d post three songs relating to a common theme. There really is no theme to this group… just knocking a bit of the rust off.

#1 A new configuration of an old band (“Pela”) that I really liked… they’re now coming out with new album. The story of how the band got to it’s current point is on their main page… it’s a lengthy read, but really provides some insight on where they’re coming from.

We Are Augustines (

Song: Book of James = freaking love this song right now!

We Are Augustines – \”Book of James\”

Check the link, they’re currently streaming two songs from their upcoming release. Download available there too.

#2 The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light” (The Mummers remix)

While having one of the best albums of 2010, I just heard a new mix of the first track on that album, “Everlasting Light” via I Guess I’m Floating (rad music blog).

Definitely worth a listen!

#3 I’m also back in the workout mode… hitting the gym 5 of the 6 days this week so far.  As my iTunes gets back into shape, I’m working from a quick mix on the Shuffle. A great place to find music to get your feet moving is The Hood Internet.  While not new by any means, they have quality mixes/mashups that make my time in the gym seem to fly by.

One track in particular… it’s not long, but every time it comes on my energy tends to surge…

ABX – Bring The Tabloid Sores (Public Enemy vs Health)

Have a good weekend!



  1. I liked Everlasing Light. The melody gives you a good feeling for it. Which reminds me to get my copy next time I’m out. Thanks for putting it up!

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