Posted by: stevealbers | March 10, 2011

Three on the Tree – March 10, 2011 edition


Yellow Ostrich -“Whale”

Their song “Whale” isn’t new, but every time I hear it I re-fall in love with it (not to say I ever fall out of love for it!). The drums, the change of pace, the slight distortion… all gets me every time.


The Dodos – “No Cover”

A band I’ve heard of before, but probably couldn’t recall any particular song.  NPR currently has a stream of their new album “No Cover” up on their website: here.  The new album comes out next week (3/15). Take a listen I think you’ll like the indie/folk rock sound.

TV on the Radio – “Will Do”

TV on the Radio is finally releasing their 4th studio album, following the great “Return to Cookie Mountain” & “Dear Science.” Their new album, “Nine Types of Light”, comes out in about a month (4/12). The first track released, “Will Do”, is solid and makes me want to hear the rest of the album.

Eventually, I’ll try to write more… but with work, wedding planning tasks, etc. it is usually the quick-type of posts that seem the most manageable.  I’m also thinking of moving the music posts over to a different blog, and keep the two worlds from colliding… although the Garfield post keeps people coming back day after day!


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