Posted by: stevealbers | July 17, 2012

More new music!

So if you’re like me, you sit at your desk trying to put a meaningful 7-10 hours in on a daily basis. This leads to boredom if there isn’t music… which I only mute for conference calls (sometimes).

Therefore, I am constantly scanning for new music and/or stations to check out.

Every week, NPR & put up entire album streams of new music about to hit the shelf (as if anyone still buys music from a shelf!). This week, NPR has some solid, solid stuff: Passion Pit, Gaslight Anthem, and Fang Island. There are more options, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to everything. is also a great option for checking out new albums, and they update their site every Monday.  I’ve only listened to a couple so far, but the rotation includes: Angus Stone, Milo Greene, & Matisyahu.

I’ve also been checking out for some radio enjoyment, since I don’t “technically” have a radio in my office. The top two stations in rotation are Island 98.5 (reggae from Honolulu) and 1470 The Whistle (classic country from Sioux City, IA). I haven’t spent much time outside of these two stations, but imagine they’ll have something you can relate to.

The last recent option is checking out Ambient/Chillwave stuff, which I’ve been doing via Spotify. A lot of time I like to have music, but nothing too crazy… because concentration is required from time to time. I do a basic search and listen to other people’s playlist, since I’m not well versed in the genre. I created a Summer Playlist, if you’re interested you can subscribe.

Just a few options at your disposal. Thinking of creating a more comprehensive list, especially if there is some interest in that kind of thing.

As always, let me know what you’re listening too…


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