Posted by: stevealbers | February 21, 2013

How much “hustle” do you have?


Lately, I’ve been in one of those moods… like I need a side project or something to keep my occupied. Granted, working full-time and having a 6 month old at home is more than enough to fill my daily dancecard. Also, my full-time job pays well enough, that the monetary aspect is not necessarily the driving component.

When I say “hustle”, I’m sure many people get a different vision as to what that word means to them. Some may think of being a 3-card monty dealer in some back alley, or other illegal/quasi-illegal activity. Others may think along the lines of someone working deals to try and get a leg up. While I’m definitely in the latter group, I think there are opportunities out there but often we just don’t look for them (or see them in some respects).

My main activities in the past have been sparingly, but included buying/reselling tickets, clothes, music, etc. Being in a place of opportunity to purchase desirable objects, and then finding the means to sell them. Everything I’ve done has been on a very small scale, but I enjoy the hunt… as well as the rewards.

Knowing that this is not necessarily my vision for the future, I’ve expanded my thoughts on what it would take to create a side business of sorts. Nothing has been decided as of yet, but have my eye on a couple of possibilities. As I start to flesh things out, I’ll document/update the blog along the way.

I just wanted to see if there were others out there that have/do feel this way… and if you’ve acted on it. Anyone have side businesses going now (whether for personal satisfaction and/or extra income)? If so, any tips to share with the class?


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